Palos Verdes – zombie outbreak alert!

The outbreak started in Claremont on May 3rd, but it has now spread to Palos Verdes. We are reaching out to warn those in the LA area that the zombie apocalypse is coming to a local garden.

The South Coast Botanic Garden is ground zero. It used to be a peaceful and beautiful place, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, home to towering botanic specimens and sprawling, dense plant life. But now the winding and shadowy pathways conceal the walking dead – zombies – some shuffling, some running, but all of them hungry and waiting in the darkness for November 15th, 2014, that one day a year when humans descend on the garden by the thousands to try their luck and skill in surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Do you have what it takes? Compete as an individual or team and try to get through the 5k running course without zombies taking your flag belt (life belt). This is not an endurance race, it’s about your ability to survive and make it out of the garden to celebrate with zombies and humans alike at the post-apocalypse after-party.

Here’s the game plan: 1) survive the zombie horde (or don’t) 2) whether zombie or human, you will want to raise a toast to the apocalypse at the beer garden 3) party on until the festivities come to a regretful close at the base camp.

Best of luck to you and your human(?) friends. See you at the apocalypse!

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