Zombies always attack in an organized horde, and our zombies will be no different. To survive the zombie-infested Garden you will want to work together with a team of your most trusted friends. This is how you separate the true friends from the ones that will run in the other direction when you are besieged by hungry zombies and need help to escape with all your brains. Know your friends!

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How do I sign up for a team?

The first step is to appoint a brave team captain. The team captain starts the team when registering online ($20 team creation fee applies). Once the team has been created by the team captain, others can join it when they go to register. If you plan on competing as a team, make sure to have the team captain create the team and pay the team creation fee BEFORE you go to register yourself.

What is the team competition?

This is your complete guide to the team competitions.

Please read carefully before embarking on your team adventure! There are important things to note.

You will have two waves to choose from if you have registered as a team and want to participate in the team competitions: 9am and 10am. You can choose which wave is most convenient for you and your team.

Winning the glory and honor as the ultimate zombie survivors will involve the successful completion of two or three challenges, depending on which location you registered for.

First Challenge:

get through the zombie infested garden as a team with as many flags as possible.

**The most important rule here is to work as a team and stick together. When you arrive at the finish line, you must have all team members present before you can get your remaining flags counted and move on to the next challenge.

Second Challenge:

Each team will select one member to take a shot at zombie pong. This is a game where you try to bounce a ping pong ball into a target that looks like a zombie.

**One person from each team gets one shot.
*your score is based on which part of the target you hit with the most points being awarded for head shots.

**The scores from the first two challenges will be calculated and all but the top ten teams will be eliminated. You will wait at the base camp to hear which teams will be going on to battle for honor and glory in the final challenge.

Final Challenge

(only at the Claremont location): the top ten teams compete in a tournament of jousting at the base camp to determine first, second, and third place for the ultimate zombie survivor team competition!

**The jousting is a one-on-one competition, so for each round, each team will have to select one member to take on an opposing team.

Ultimate Zombie Survivor Award Ceremony

After an intense and suspenseful series of challenges, the top three teams will be awarded their trophies at a climatic ceremony. Zombies and humans alike will gather to acknowledge the greatness and glory these teams have achieved in their fight to survive.

**The ceremony will be held around 1pm.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you are concerned the zombie apocalypse is
coming before the day this event is scheduled.